The Silent Call for Reading Glasses: A Visionary Message by IVillage

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The use of smartphones has become an integral part of our daily lives, often accompanied by moments when we find ourselves removing our glasses to read the screen. It’s not just a habit; it’s a subtle sign that our eyes may be in need of reading glasses. Dr. Gurvinder Monga, a dedicated eye specialist, recognized the significance of this unspoken indicator and has found an innovative way to convey this message to her patients – a simple bag. The message on this bag reads, ‘When you take off your specs to read your phone, it’s time to get your eyesight checked.’ This blog delves into the impact of this simple yet powerful initiative, made possible in collaboration with IVillage.


The Power of Dr. Gurvinder Monga’s Bag Message with IVillage

Dr. Monga’s mission goes beyond diagnosing eye issues; it’s about raising awareness and encouraging timely eye care. Her innovative approach, utilizing IVillage bags as carriers of this essential message, has already made a profound impact on patient awareness. These seemingly ordinary bags are transformed into vehicles for vital conversations about eye health.


The Influence of a Simple Bag by IVillage

A bag is often seen as a basic accessory, but in this context, it plays a pivotal role. The bags distributed by Dr. Monga, created by IVillage women workforce, are not just carriers; they are messengers of clear vision. They prompt individuals to consider their eye health, fostering a proactive approach to eye care. Moreover, Dr Monga and IVillage’s initiative empowers rural communities, providing them with the opportunity to earn a dignified livelihood. Through active engagement with partners and volunteers, they offer training and upskilling programs to rural youth and homemakers.



The next time you instinctively take off your glasses to read your phone, remember it’s not just a habit; it’s a silent call for reading glasses. Dr. Gurvinder Monga, in collaboration with IVillage, is making strides in spreading this essential message through a simple yet impactful bag.

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